Flexcon 2020 news

Energy Pool joins FLEXCON2020

Remember the keynote of ms Chamoy on ‘a German French synthesis’ at FLEXCON2018? Energy Pool will present at FLEXCON2020 too! Energy Pool is European demand response operator based in France. Energy Pool has world wide experience with renewables integration, decentralized energy and decarbonization for energy suppliers and in helping energy consumers enabling flexible energy with their demand response management systems.

Energy Pool will share their experience about their endeavors in the field of flexible energy. Be there!

Spectral shares insights from their Local Energy Community projects

Spectral was proud partner of FLEXCON2017 and FLEXCON2018. This year, Spectral will once more share their vision on advanced technology for smart homes, green energy suppliers and local energy communities.

We are very happy that Philip Gladek is coming to the Flexcon2020 conference to talk about the local energy community projects where Spectral was involved. Their Smart Building platform and Energy control system are examples of  tools that can be used to help people adopt to a more flexible use and production of energy.

Energy Markets Insights from EPEX SPOT

We are excited to announce EPEX SPOT as one of our partners for the FLEXCON2020 conference. EPEX SPOT operates a power exchange for the German, French, British, Dutch, Belgian, Austrian, Swiss and Luxembourgian market and is a knowledgable institute when it comes to best practices on operating such an exchange within the European economic area and its regulations.

Besides facilitating the trade of electrical energy, EPEX SPOT plays a role in the coupling of markets and in providing energy market data. The last being a valuable assets when it comes to designing strategies to unleash the use Flexible Energy. At the FLEXCON2020 conference they will share insights from their field of expertise.