FLEXCON 2020 digital edition : Registration open.

You can now register for our FREE digital edition of FLEXCON2020.

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IMPORTANT : FLEXCON2020 converted to digital event

As you may be aware, in early March we decided to postpone FLEXCON2020 from March 30 to September 9, 2020. This seemed like a prudent decision at the time, but in the light of the current circumstances, we are forced to conclude that there are still too many risks involved for a large scale event with 300 participants.

FLEXCON2020 goes digital.

However, we already had a great program, with very interesting partners and speakers. We also had a lot of traction. Since digitization is a hot topic in sustainable energy, we have set up an alternative plan: FLEXCON2020 goes digital.

Weekly FLEXCON2020 digital tracks

From September 23 on, we will provide a weekly digital FLEXCON2020 track, with speakers and sessions all related to a specific Smart Energy topic. Our current planning:

  • 23 September 2020 : eMobility, Smart Charging and V2G
  • 30 September 2020 : Flexibility markets
  • 7 October 2020 : Buildings, Devices & smart technologies
  • 14 October 2020 : Industrial & commercial Flexibility
  • 21 October 2020 : New concepts in Energy Networks
  • 28 October 2020 : Active managed buildings & energy performance contracts

All sessions can be attended free of charge. All tickets that have already been bought will be refunded.

In August, we will finalize the program and open up the registrations. We will keep you posted via newsletters, website and social media.

You can find the digital FLEXCON2020 partners on our homepage.

FLEXCON2020 postponed due to Corona virus

FLEXCON2020 & Corona virus

As you may expect, the FLEXCON team has been keeping a close eye on all developments regarding the Corona virus. With regards to the enormous public health efforts by countries, companies and institutions, we now consider it prudent to postpone FLEXCON until the autumn. We don’t to put anyone’s health at risk, nor do we want to hinder the work that authorities are undertaking to respond to the virus.

New date FLEXCON2020

At this moment, we are planning to postpone FLEXCON2020 until early September 2020. The final new date will follow soon.

We will keep you updated on FLEXCON2020 via our newsletters, social media and other channels.

FLEXCON2020 Tickets

All previously purchased tickets will remain valid for the new FLEXCON2020 date.

Energy Pool joins FLEXCON2020

Remember the keynote of ms Chamoy on ‘a German French synthesis’ at FLEXCON2018? Energy Pool will present at FLEXCON2020 too! Energy Pool is European demand response operator based in France. Energy Pool has world wide experience with renewables integration, decentralized energy and decarbonization for energy suppliers and in helping energy consumers enabling flexible energy with their demand response management systems.

Energy Pool will share their experience about their endeavors in the field of flexible energy. Be there!

Spectral shares insights from their Local Energy Community projects

Spectral was proud partner of FLEXCON2017 and FLEXCON2018. This year, Spectral will once more share their vision on advanced technology for smart homes, green energy suppliers and local energy communities.

We are very happy that Philip Gladek is coming to the Flexcon2020 conference to talk about the local energy community projects where Spectral was involved. Their Smart Building platform and Energy control system are examples of  tools that can be used to help people adopt to a more flexible use and production of energy.

Energy Markets Insights from EPEX SPOT

We are excited to announce EPEX SPOT as one of our partners for the FLEXCON2020 conference. EPEX SPOT operates a power exchange for the German, French, British, Dutch, Belgian, Austrian, Swiss and Luxembourgian market and is a knowledgable institute when it comes to best practices on operating such an exchange within the European economic area and its regulations.

Besides facilitating the trade of electrical energy, EPEX SPOT plays a role in the coupling of markets and in providing energy market data. The last being a valuable assets when it comes to designing strategies to unleash the use Flexible Energy. At the FLEXCON2020 conference they will share insights from their field of expertise.

Innovatie Market Design from the Nordics

When it comes to energy flexibility, we need an efficient market that serves incentivizes all participants to join and stay. Since these markets do not just jump up from out of nowhere, they need to be designed and constructed. This is where Nodes comes in with their innovative market design. Hallstein Hagen, responsible for marketing and sales at NODES, is going to tell us about the principles of how to design a market for flexible energy and share insight from the projects they have delivered to their customers. Ranging from a renewable curtail alternative to a mechanism for auto-rebalancing energy suppliers.

NODES has been contributing to FLEXCON in 2018. We are glad to have NODES back again at the 2020 edition of our energy flexibility conference.

FLEXCON 2020 Website open and current partners

We have updated the website of FLEXCON2020. New program items are added almost daily and more and information about the speakers and their talks is updated regularly.

We are also proud of our current partnerships, that enable us to organize this event for the Flexible Energy Community. These are:


FLEXCON is back!

smartEn and FAN teamed up again for FLEXCON2020. Due to Corona, it is rescheduled to Wednesday 9 September in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

We are following up on the success of FLEXCON2017 in Amsterdam and FLEXCON2018 in Brussels, where 300 International Smart Energy professionals shared visions, strategies and innovations on Energy Flexibility and attended over 50 workshops and presentations, hosted by more than 40 partners.

FLEXCON2020 confirmed partners
We are talking to many companies, organizations and businesses and expect contributions from about 25 partners. Confirmed already are:

FLEXCON2020 will 1-day international conference dedicated to the flexible energy revolution. Expect a full day of Smart Energy topics like Smart Charging, Virtual Power Plant, Blockchain, Smart Grid, Smart Energy Standards, Internet of Energy, Psychology of change, Smart Energy startups, Local Energy Communities, Demand Response… you name it. And of course a great lunch, great drinks, and great networking. If you missed the previous versions, see the 2 minute movie.